Fresh Air. All bar and restaurant employees deserve to breathe smoke-free air.
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Employee Stories and Testimonials

"I think it’s fair that people who don’t smoke can enjoy a meal without having to breathe in smoke. I don’t think it’s too much to ask smokers to go outside to have a cigarette."
Russell, server
Applebee’s, Minneapolis

"Why should someone who works in a place be subject to someone else’s choices? If I want to work in a restaurant, I should be able to breathe free."
Kellen, server
Applebee’s, Minneapolis

"Everything just got so yellow and just got dirty from the smoke... I could tell the difference in the evening my lungs felt heavier when we were in the smoke… The ceilings got very yellowish looking and the windows would have a yellow film…If you choose not to smoke you definitely shouldn’t have to be in an environment like that."
Judy, owner
Maid-Rite Cafe, Bemidji

"I like the smoke-free ordinance because when I was working at the bar I jusalways came home smelling and I’m sure it wasn’t good for my lungs."
Jenn, server
Raphael's Bakery and Breakfast, Bemidji

"I am for the smoking ban. It’s great for the work environment. The employees are for it. It needs to be an environment where you don’t need to smoke. I don’t want to die from secondhand smoke."
Andrea, server/hostess
Café 128, St. Paul

"If you wanna kill yourself go ahead, but you don’t have to kill other people, too."
Winona, server
Maid-Rite Cafe, Bemidji

"For everybody’s well being and working and dining, smoke-free would be the way to go."
Bill, owner
Keith’s Pizza, Bemidji

"The smell, health, it makes food unappetizing. It’s hard when someone’s just puffing away at the table next to you when you are trying to enjoy your beef tenderloin. Rude. Ruins the meal.
Brian, server
Café 128, St. Paul


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