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Learn how to commute safely using Minnesota’s first commuter rail system

Safety and You
Discover what you can do to ensure your safety while using Northstar

Safety and Northstar
Read about the steps Northstar has taken to ensure your safety

Metro Transit Safety
Visit Metro Transit to learn about safety on the Hiawatha Line and other local transit systems.

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Safe Commute

Safety is a shared responsibility

Northstar Commuter Rail will be a great addition to communities along the Northstar Corridor, providing commuters and businesses a smart, convenient and safe transportation option. National studies show that commuter rail is one of the safest and most efficient ways to commute. Transit passengers tend to travel more safely than motorists, and safety statistics improve as transit ridership increases.

Northstar Commuter Rail trains will share existing BNSF Railway tracks with freight trains between Big Lake and downtown Minneapolis, so community awareness about safety along the rail line will be important. The Northstar Project and Metro Transit — which will operate Northstar trains when service begins in late 2009 — are committed to providing safe facilities, operations and commuting along the Northstar Line. Through education, safeguards installed by the Northstar Project and enforcement, we can all stay safe.

Your safety is a shared responsibility. Use the links on the left to learn more about how Northstar Commuter Rail, Metro Transit and yourself can ensure a safe commute.

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