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Why Clients Choose Himle Horner

There are several key reasons why clients choose to work with Himle Horner:

  1. Results: We develop communications strategies that deliver what our clients want most: RESULTS.

  2. Senior Level Service: We do not sell from the top and service from the bottom. We control our firm's growth by choice. This ensures that a senior member of the firm manages each client's strategy and work plan.

  3. Passionate Advocates, Dispassionate Advisors: We advise clients on what we believe they need to hear to help them reach their goals. We are there to help shape decisions, not be passive advocates.

  4. Substantive Focus: Himle Horner is not the firm clients seek for "easy" assignments. Our reputation is built on our success in managing major challenges.

  5. Strategy Before Tactics: Too often communications planning starts with a discussion of activities that can be implemented for a client. Himle Horner's approach is to first clearly define an overall strategy that supports the client's goals. The right tactics will evolve from the right strategy.