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A Partnership with Clients

Himle Horner recognizes that the most effective public relations, public affairs and marketing programs have four qualities in common:

  • They are strategic.

  • They reflect the stature and culture of the organization.

  • They are integrated into the organization's fundamental goals.

  • They stand the test of time.

Our Promise to Our Clients

Creating a partnership requires a commitment from both parties. Himle Horner's responsibilities include the following:
  • To design a program that is distinctive to each client and its needs. We won't give a client an "off-the-shelf" program just because it has worked for someone else.

  • To take the time to know our client and their organization. It is their face we are presenting to their key audiences. We want to make sure it is represented accurately and fairly.

  • To give our clients our best advice at all times. Our first criterion in advising our clients is to consider their best interests.

  • To provide our clients with senior-level account managment. We won't "sell from the top and service from the bottom."

  • To be fair, honest and forthright in our billings, in our effort and in our relationship with our clients. Once we agree on a program, we will deliver the product to our client's expected level of excellence within the approved budget.

We Expect From Our Clients

In return, we expect our clients to contribute to the partnership:
  • We expect that they will let us know the bad news as soon as they would tell us the good news. We can provide our clients with our best counsel when we are the most knowledgeable about them and their situation.

  • We expect our clients to bring us to the table sooner rather than later. The best programs are those that are thoughtfully created and integrated into an organization's strategies from the beginning.

  • We want to know when we've missed the mark. We aren't perfect, but neither are we thin-skinned. If we have fallen short, we want to know. It's the only way we can meet our clients' expectations.