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Our Proposal
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The Maple Grove Tri-Care Partnership is proposing to build a full-service hospital that meets the community's needs, including:

  • A broad range of pediatric, medical, surgical, urgent, emergency and behavioral health services.
  • Access to the most specialists and physicians in the Twin Cities.
  • Access to specialty services, including pediatric specialists, for complex care needs.
  • Near seven existing Park Nicollet and Allina Northwest Area clinics.

Our Timeline

Tri-Care will open a hospital within 18-24 months of approval. The new hospital will feature 80 beds, with space and plans to accommodate community growth with up to 250 beds and additional health care resources, such as an assisted living facility, wellness center and eating disorders institute.

Our site

The Partnership's proposed hospital and campus site is at the intersection of Dunkirk Lane and 97th Avenue North in Maple Grove. Click here to see the map

  • Adjacent to I-94
  • Northwest Area residents are currently served by seven Park Nicollet and Allina clinics
  • Room to grow and respond to community needs
  • Plans preserve 34 acres of wetlands on the site

The Decision Process

In 2004, the Partnership came together to submit a proposal to the Minnesota Department of Health and seek legislative approval to build a new hospital to serve residents of the Northwest Metro Area.

Under Minnesota law, new hospital beds may be added only if the legislature approves the addition. By statute, the Department of Health provides guidance to the legislature on the need for beds. In March 2005, the Department of Health issued findings that indicated there is a need for a new hospital to serve Northwest Metro Area residents. It is likely that there will be legislation proposed in the 2006 session seeking approval to add the new hospital beds.

If the legislature approves a new hospital for the Northwest Metro Area, it will also likely outline a process for selecting among the two competing hospital proposals (Tri-Care Partnership, the North Memorial/Fairview partnership).

The Maple Grove Tri-Care Partnership is working closely with the community to solicit input and ensure our hospital meets your needs. While the process for selecting a hospital proposal is not clear, what is clear is that community support will play a key role in the decision making.

Read the Tri-Care Partnership proposal submitted to the Minnesota Department of Health:

For more information about the Department of Health process, go to

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