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Irrigation Trencher

The TRENCH 'N edge™ Irrigation Trencher is the most versatile trencher to hit the landscape industry in the last decade. The Irrigation Trencher was specifically designed to install all types of irrigation systems like PVC and poly pipe. It is also great for installing drain tile in athletic fields and golf courses.

Exclusive Features

  • A single front pivot wheel for tight radiuses (down to 36" inches),
  • A dual side discharge chute to provide flexibility in discharging material 4 to 6 inches away from the trencher and a cutting blade that is centered between rear wheels, which keeps the trench clean and uniform during tight radiuses that pipe pullers can't match.
  • A new floating cutting blade called the "ROCK-E-VADER™". This blade is spring-loaded and cuts up and over underground obstructions like rocks and large tree roots, which saves high trencher blade maintenance costs.

Other Innovative Features

  • The only irrigation trencher that cleans up after itself
  • Installation of irrigation pipe
  • Articulating hood for easy transport
  • Tight radius curves to provide continuous pipe runs
  • Radial Mulching, Vertical and Aeration Trenching
  • Silt fence - Trencher Options - Cutting Teeth
  • Fits in the smallest pickups for easy transportation

The Irrigation Trencher can used for:

  • Installing Irrigation systems
  • Vertical Mulching and radial trenching of trees
    This trencher removes compacted soils and allows easy installation of fertilizer and mulch down to the feeder roots to help distressed trees grow. The trenching teeth may be set for cutting up to 2 1/2 inches or 1 3/4 wide. The depth of the trench is easily adjusted from 0 to 12 inches. This machine also eliminates the need to buy multiple blades for various widths and depths, which is required for fixed blade trenchers. The specially designed trencher teeth are made of replaceable carbide bits (available nationwide) that are mounted in steel holders or shark teeth.
  • Excavating footings for smaller landscape retaining walls.
  • Trenching for drain tile, lawn sprinkler systems, low voltage landscape lighting cable, water lines and root pruning. This model cuts down to 0 to 7" and 2" or 5" wide.

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