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Proposed Extensions and Stations

St. Cloud Extension

In 2004, the project was shortened from 82 miles to 40 miles in order to qualify for 50% federal funds. However, support among residents and businesses remains strong for extending service to the St. Cloud area. According to a 2007 public opinion survey, 72% of St. Cloud area residents said they would support state and county governments funding an extension of Northstar Commuter Rail service from Big Lake to St. Cloud. In addition, 83% of residents said they think building Northstar is a "good" or "very good" idea and 50% of residents along the corridor consider themselves potential riders.

In 2007, the Northstar Corridor Development Authority appointed a subcommittee of county and city representatives from its board to explore options for extending commuter rail service to St. Cloud. As a logical first step in building ridership, commuter coach bus service is being explored. Commuters would be able to ride buses from the St. Cloud area into the Big Lake Northstar Station and transfer to commuter rail trains.

Station map with future stations highlighted.

Cambridge Extension

The Anoka County Regional Railroad Authority is studying a proposed extension of the Northstar Commuter Rail Line to the Cambridge area in Isanti County. A commuter rail line in this corridor was originally considered about 15 years ago when local leaders first discussed commuter rail in the Twin Cities. The Northstar Line was chosen instead, but talks have renewed for a line to the Cambridge area that would connect with the Northstar Line in Coon Rapids.

Additional Stations: Coon Rapids and Ramsey

Transit stations boost community development in the areas in which they are located. Business and tourism travel increases and becomes more efficient when transit stations are easily accessible. So it’s not surprising that cities in the Northstar Corridor want more opportunities to access commuter rail. The cities of Coon Rapids (at Foley Blvd.) and Ramsey (at Sunwood Dr.) have proposed resolutions in support of additional Northstar stations in their cities. The Anoka County Regional Railroad Authority is looking into how many potential riders might use the additional stations and how they could be funded.

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