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Today the Minnesota Environmental Fund provides an effortless way to protect, conserve and restore our environment for future generations. Your donation will make a lasting impression upon the health of Minnesota's environment. With your investment, tomorrow will offer a sustainable environment that we as Minnesotans can continue to enjoy, while future generations will be able to appreciate the wonder and uniqueness that Minnesota has to offer. Choose to help the environment. It adds up.

MEF member groups are working every day to


  • Minnesota ’s clean air and water by developing renewable energy resources.
  • People, by helping to reduce mercury levels in fish.
  • Public natural areas by fostering responsible use of trails and roadways.
  • Soil and water with conservation farming practices.
  • By informing and engaging community residents in public policy issues that affect their lives.


  • Natural areas on the urban fringe, with development planning that addresses short and long-term ecological concerns.
  • Important natural habitat for birds and other wildlife.
  • Valuable open space for future generations to enjoy.
  • And expand consumer access to locally grown organic and sustainable food products.


  • Lakes and streams for safe swimming and fishing.
  • Native prairie in roadside plantings.
  • Water quality through buffer zones, greenways and plantings along streams and waterways.
  • Parks and native landscapes along the Mississippi River by removing buckthorn and other invasive species.
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Minnesota Environmental Fund
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